Band Boosters

What is a Band Booster?

A Band Booster is any parent or guardian of a student in the band program. When your student begins his or her band program, you become a booster. Welcome! We encourage parents to be as active as you can be. There are many volunteer opportunities for our band parents to participate in throughout the year, that benefit your students. Your participation is what makes our band program so fruitful. The Nease band program is only successful because of parent involvement.  

Volunteer Opportunities

We have plenty of parent volunteer opportunities throughout the season. All parent volunteers MUST complete the volunteer form on the SJCSD website to be able to participate in band activities. Below are our volunteer parent teams. Your assistance with band is greatly appreciated. Please consider joining one of the parent teams and help our band season be it’s best. 

Volunteer Parent Teams

  • Nease Guard Support Parent Team
  • Nease Band Fundraising Parent Team
  • Nease Band Uniform Parent Team
  • Nease Band Concession Stand Parent Team
  • Nease Band Student Food Parent Team
  • Nease Band Banquet Planning Parent Team
  • Nease Band Mulch Drives Parent Team
  • Nease Band Field & Prop Parent Team

Board Members

Booster President – Jennifer Schmutz

[email protected]

Booster Vice President – Lori Aliprando

[email protected]

Booster Treasurer – Andrea Murphy

[email protected]

Booster Communications Secretary – Aimee Mercer

[email protected]

Managers and Liaisons

Nease Accounts: Venera Lajqi
Colorguard: Adrienne Brannam
Props and Equipment: David Yake
Volunteers: Carol Diachun
[email protected]
Concessions: Lori Aliprando
Student Food: Julie Beatty, and
Renee Pease
Mulch Fundraiser: Carol Diachun, Alicia Austin and Jennifer Schmutz
Website: Brett Polakowski
Uniforms: Melissa Johnson
Middle School Liason: Laura Mitchell

Boosters Board Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes 11-10-22
General Meeting Minutes 10-25-22
General Meeting Minutes – 8-23-22
Board Minutes January 2022
Board Minutes November 2021
Board Minutes October 2021
Board Minutes September 2021
Board Minutes August 2021
Board Minutes June 2021
Board Minutes May 2021
Board Minutes April 2021
Board Minutes March 2021
Board Minutes February 2021
Board Minutes January 2021


Bylaws approved February 2020 (docx)

Financial Reports & Budgets

2021 Budget – APR21REV (xlsx)
Nease 20_21 Winter Guard Budget (xlsx)
2021 Nease Indoor Percussion Budget Final Sheet1 (pdf)
2020-2021 Nease Marching Band Budget.REVAUG2020 (pdf)
Consolidated P&L May 2019- April 2020 (pdf)
General Band P&L May 2019-April 2020 (pdf)
Indoor Percussion P&L May 2019-April 2020 (pdf)
Winterguard P&L May 2019-April 2020 (pdf)
Budget February 2020 (pdf)
Budget December 2019 (pdf)
Report December 2019 (docx)
Treasurers Report December 2 2019 (docx)