Marching Band

Nease’s marching band is an award winning comprehensive marching band that traverses the southeast competing along side other regional band programs. The band raises school spirit by playing stand tunes during football games, and entertain the Nease fans with the halftime show. We also have the opportunity to perform before the Daytona 500 race. 

Registration and Medical Release Form

A medical release form, which is part of the registration form, must be filled out BEFORE band camp begins. Students will not be able to participate in the camp or fall marching band program without completing the registration form and all the medical information requested, including a list of ALL allergies your child may have. Please fill out the Registration Form today!


Summer Band Camp

The marching band students meet for a few weeks in the summer to practice the new steps and music to prepare for the fall football and the upcoming fall competitions.


Nease Football games

The marching band attends all home and some away football games. They perform a variety of stand tunes during the game, as well as their halftime show performance.


Fall Competitions

Students travel across the region to band competitions on most Saturdays throughout the fall. The marching band will also perform at the 2023 Bands of America in Orlando, Fl.

Words Of Wisdom…

Marching band isn’t only about the awards and trophies. It’s a place to form friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. It opens up so many opportunities for you in the future, whether you go into music or not. What are you waiting for? Come on in and join us!

Past Performances

Nease band performs at several competitions throughout the season and has won many awards. You invited to review past performance videos and experience the award winning Nease Panther Pride Marching Band.

2022 Marching Band

2021 Marching Band

2020 Marching Band

2019 Marching Band

2018 Marching Band

2017 Marching Band

2016 Marching Band

2015 Marching Band

2019 Indoor Percussion

2017 Indoor Percussion

2016 Indoor Percussion

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to participate in Marching Band?

The cost for marching season is between $850 to $1,200. For winter guard the average fee is $1,000. Budgets are made up for the season and the total expenses are divided among the number of participants. The more people participating and the more help we have fundraising, the smaller the fee!

What does the fee pay for?

There are many things included in the budget and budgets are posted to the website. The main things are competition entrance fees, travel expenses (generally including a trip to Orlando for BOA for marching season), costumes, Friday night meals (for marching season), staff, and other equipment.

Will I need to buy anything else to participate?

Yes, additional supplies include personal instrument (if not rented from the school), flip folders and lyres to hold music, band gloves and band shoes (dinkles) that are fitted and purchased during band camp. For band camp and weekly practices we strongly suggest the following items: comfortable athletic clothes, closed toe shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, deodorant, hats, sunglasses, and cooling items like fans, misters, cooling towel, etc.

Where are practices held?

All practices are held at Nease High School. Where on the campus will vary depending on the weather, what is being practiced, and what other activities are going on at Nease that day. The band room is ‘home base’ and there is a hallway where color guard members can store their flag bags if desired. The most common locations for practice are in ‘Mario land’ or the PAC courtyard and the ROTC bay.

How do Friday night football games work?

Usually the kids have a short practice and then they are served dinner before heading to the game. If the game is away there isn’t much of a practice before eating and getting on the buses. During the games, the kids are in the stands with the band and will perform ‘stand dances’ when the band plays pep songs. Half time is when they get to perform some or all of their show. Both schools have the opportunity to perform and the away team gets to go first. Sometimes there is only enough time for one band to perform at the beginning of the season and they will not perform at special occasion games like Homecoming and Senior night. The kids get third quarter for a short break, where they can purchase some food, go to the bathrooms, etc. There are parent volunteers watching the instruments and belongings in the stands during this time. Once the game is over, the kids put their gear away and can head home.