Concert Band

The first concert ensemble we offer is traditionally the entry level high school ensemble for majority of students coming into 9th grade, though the grade levels vary from 9th to 12th. This ensemble is split between two class periods due to the number of enrolling students and typically ranges from 50-65 members. This ensemble performs at quarterly concerts throughout the school year and Concert Music Performance Assessments during the spring.

Audition is NOT required to join this ensemble if you have prior experience on a band instrument or musical knowledge. It is recommended students know their 12 major scales in All-State form, as many two octaves as comfortable. Students in this class also focus on advancing their understanding of the fundamentals of their instrument to prepare them for more rigorous musical challenges.

Symphonic Band

This concert ensemble is comprised primarily of 10th to 12th grade students entering their second year of band, however, a rising 9th grader can be placed into this ensemble with an audition. This ensemble plays more challenging literature and goes further in depth on understanding not on their instrument, but also the foundations of music history, theory, and composition on top of musical performance. This ensemble performs at quarterly concerts throughout the school year as well as Concert Music Performance Assessments. This ensemble is typically smaller, ranging from 30-40 members and fits within one class period.

This ensemble REQUIRES an audition and prior experience on a band instrument and/or musical knowledge. All twelve major scales in All-State form, two-octave Concert Bb Chromatic Scale, and proficiency in sight-reading is expected for performers in this ensemble.

Wind Ensemble

This concert ensemble is our primary performing ensemble here at Nease High School. This ensemble is comprised primarily of 11th and 12th grade musicians, with some 10th grade students who are advanced on their instrument. With an exemplary audition, rising 9th grade students MAY be placed in this ensemble. This ensemble is held in one class period and typically seats 45-60 members.

This ensemble performs band literature of the highest quality and has an expectation of musical achievement beyond the classroom. Students in this ensemble are expected to audition for honor bands, All-State band, and required to perform at Solo and Ensemble Festivals in addition to the quarterly concerts and Concert Music Performance Assessment. This ensemble ventures even further in terms of instrument fundamentals, music theory, music history, and the history/advancement of band literature.

Enrollment in this ensemble grants honors credit towards the students GPA, regardless of grade level. Auditions is REQUIRED for this ensemble showing twelve major scales in All-State form (majority two octave/three octave), two-octave Bb Chromatic Scale, and sight-reading ability.

Jazz Band

Our first of two jazz ensembles we offer here at Nease is the Jazz Band. Students in this ensemble typically have prior experience on jazz, but it is not required to be a member. Being in jazz ensembles should be paired with a concert ensemble to maximize well-rounded musicianship. This ensemble performs at quarterly concerts throughout the school year as well as Jazz Music Performance Assessments.

This ensemble focuses on advancing the base fundamentals of different jazz styles (swing, bossa nova, samba, funk, etc.), soloing on your instrument both written and improvised solos, understanding musical ornamentation used in jazz, and understanding music theory to better our abilities in improv soloing. Students in this ensemble audition in by showcasing their abilities to perform in swing style and sight-reading jazz excerpts. Improv soloing is NOT required for audition into this ensemble.

Jazz Ensemble

This ensemble is the advanced jazz ensemble and our primary performing ensemble for jazz music. This ensemble has an expectation of excellence in performance and understanding of jazz styles, soloing both written and improvised, and performing standard jazz band and jazz combo literature.

This ensemble is audition only and REQUIRES showcasing of skills on improvised soloing. This ensemble performs at quarterly concerts throughout the school year, Jazz Music Performance Assessments, jazz festivals around the state, and community outreach events.